Cape Town.


It was a gorgeous day out and I took full advantage of the weather. To all the people questioning where the snow is, exactly where it’s supposed to be! Not here. I revel in these days! Where on the East is there weather like this year round? That’s where I need to live!  ( After last year’s snowstorm madness, I could go without seeing flurries for another year! )IMG_9297Wore my hair in a crown because I didn’t feel like getting trapped in front of bathroom mirror for an unnecessary 45 minutes this morning, lol. IMG_9398IMG_9392IMG_9335Felt like Fall all over again!IMG_9371Even swapped out my uniform ‘vamp’ lip for a pop of color! IMG_9421 So glad I got to wear my cape on a day I could really embrace its beauty.

I just happened to stop in the thrift store the day before Thanksgiving, I believe. Of course, I spotted a few things I liked, including this cape. While making my last go rounds, I overhear things will be 50%OFF the next day. There I find myself in one of those predicaments I hate contemplating on — buy now or take my chances? Although it was only $12, I would hate knowing I could’ve gotten a better deal. So, I took my chances. Out of 4 items I left at the store, I found 3 the next day! This cape came home with me for ONLY $6! Talk about a risk worth taking!

— details —

— cape: thrifted ($6) — denim: CoH — over the knee boots: Urban Outfitters (on sale, $20) —



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