Fall Style: Maxi + Moto

IMG_0918Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good thrifted find. Part of me really just loves the challenge of scouring through the racks with only the possibility of scoring an amazingly worthy piece of fashion history, served with a story. A lot of times I come up short, but when I do find that beloved artifact — it’s fireworks inside my heart! It’s been a while since I hit up the thrift & I’m so glad I did! Can you tell which items are thrifted?

IMG_0904Besides the bag, which you’ve previously seen here & here, I scored this skirt. Okay. Big Woo … a long, black skirt. What’s so beloved about this, you ask? Yes, it is just a long, black skirt. But, it’s also a staple. A piece that I will forever have in my closet, as long as my waist doesn’t expand or I hit a growth spurt. This is that type of piece that I used to hate buying because the store was always filled with fun and trendy things! This is the piece I’m SO happy I found. IMG_0905.JPG

& with a sassy split in the back, why would I leave this behind? Let your Fall boots peek through!

IMG_0920.JPGNaturally, I started to putting together outfits in my head like a Pinterest board, created specifically for this skirt. Workwear, casual wear — because of the tailored material, I could even see this skirt extremely decked out!IMG_0903.JPG

What I love the most isn’t the obvious detail in the back, but really the length. As a girl who’s vertically challenged, most outfits require heels when you don’t want to wear them. This skirt doesn’t need to be hemmed or anything, only washed. Can you say score?

IMG_0922.JPGIMG_0902.JPG— details —

—moto: F21— button down: Express — skirt: (thrifted) NY&Co — bag (thrifted) 

Oh, and the skirt was only $7 but, I happened to go on a day that it was 50% off! Yup, I got the skirt for $3.50. BOOM!



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