Farmer’s Market Flow

It was the perfect day to stumble across the Farmer’s Market in Union Square. I love those curveballs that New York surprises us with, feeding my soul. What I thought was going to be a fleet in and out of the city, pleasantly became a frolic through the park with Click.


Entering from the West exit of the subway (but don’t quote me, I’ve never been good with the ‘hoods) and making my way from tents of berries and jams through locals purchasing their weekly produce, to tents of savory bread through tourists among them all. It was funny to see 

the photographers attempting inconspicuousness deeming more appealing to me actually. Aside from the humidity and beat face, I could’ve stayed out there all day. Had I checked the weather before leaving, I would’ve been prepared.

Layers are your best friend during the Fall season! 


After tempting myself with the experience, I made my way back through with Click ready to fire.


Finding inspiration everywhere!


Seated Suited Man.


Boy Wants Pretzel.


Three Lunching Workers.


“The Chess Master.”


As many times as I’ve been in Union Square, I’ve never noticed this statue of Mohandas Gandhi. See what I’m saying? The surprises.


Oddly enough that beautiful day turned into gray skies and I made my way back home before I was dripping in black. Literally. This day sparked my passion for Click again. I’ve carried her everywhere since. 

until next time..

— details —

— moto: Forever 21 — jumper: Max Studios, booties: Dolce Vita both via Nordstrom Rack —



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