Did You See Us “Live” The Other Day?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been a human remote, knowing all the channels and TV show times. Not much has changed these days, except I’m more selective of what I choose to watch. And in my opinion, daytime TV has always been just as good as the “10 spot”. Remember that throwback MTV line up? So, when I was offered free tickets to be in the audience for a taping of Live with Kelly and Michael, why not?


My friend, Alisha and I met up at Starbucks across the street from the studio eager to see what it was all about. So, when we saw a long line we almost got discouraged until the staff directed us to the line for “Priority Ticket Holders.” We waited for about 2 hours while it drizzled off and on and got cooler and cooler.


But, once we got inside the studio and warmed up some, we were all smiles.


We listened when they told us to wear bright colors and it got us 2 seats right in the front and the “I saw you on TV” texts.


After chatting with the super fun bunch of girls that got seated next to us, Alisha and I found out, Christi (in tan) wanted to be the Trivia Dancer. Oh, it was on! We became her own personal cheering squad, battling 3 other prospectives. Of course our girl Christi won! 


Since I watch the show all the time, I was pumped to see the big balls get thrown at Kelly and Michael in person. If you don’t watch the show, you’re going to think I’m just being mean but, you’d have to be a fan to understand.  


During commercial breaks, Kelly and Michael were very interactive with the audience. Going over and talking, sharing stories with us all. 


All staff was pretty amazing! Me and the girls, lol, got real cool with the stage hands!


We even got them to take a pic of us!


Love Art and his socks! He’s known for them.


This is the moment Kelly recognized Christi, the Trivia dancer, who had a major crush/fan out moment while talking to Michael. He told her she was sweet and “scary”. It was hilarious! 


This is the moment Michael spotted Christi in the audience. Don’t be scurred, Mike!


It was all fun! It was nice that he came over and took pics with them! Check out Christi’s face. She was freaking out!


I told Kelly her shoes were fab! They were the perfect powder blue to match her full floral skirt, I mean, it was style perfection. She always looks great!


 The comedian Ana Gasteyer of Saturday Night Live was on to sing. What a voice!


Hey Gilman!


A lot of laughing, smiling, clapping and yelling. A lot of fun!


You know we couldn’t leave without taking pics on set. 


Dope start to the day!


Took the train uptown and back to Jersey I went.


Whenever I get the chance to go to a production taping, I try go. It’s usually a cool experience to see the behind the scenes and ins and outs of  it all. Well, maybe because I’m into that sort of thing. If you want to go, you can request tickets here. This just enhanced my love for Live with Kelly and Michael.



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