At-Home All Natural Deep Conditioning Mask!

Hey Guys! As promised, I’m going to start doing posts on more than just outfits… this one is for my hair lovers! Here’s a little back story so you understand where it’s all coming from —IMG_7814I’ve always had a head full of tight curls. When I was younger they were big, silky and LONG. Prior to me getting my hands on it and swearing I knew more about my 8 year old hair, than my mother. As the story is told, my hair broke off, lost my curl pattern, and then inevitable happened .. the “Press & Curl” was introduced to my life and I never wanted to look back!


If you know me, you know I have never fully embraced my natural hair. My curls felt like a death trap. “How do I keep them from getting frizzy? How do I get my hair to grow? What the heck do I with them at night?” See — with my pressed hair, it was simple. Wash, Condition, Blow Dry, Press & Wrap. These curls were a completely other world that I never thought I would tap into, even as much as I secretly wanted. This was the #naturalhairstruggle before I even knew I was natural. Never permed, dyed and got a weave one! I was a part of community that has always embraced me but I never embraced them.



That was until this May when I decided to challenge myself and go the entire summer without pressing my hair. I wont lie, it was difficult at first! I was forced to deal with something I ran from all my life. Standing in the mirror, determined to conquer these curls. I said, “Let’s do this!” I researched and researched, and then researched some more — realizing I wasn’t alone at all in facing my challenges! & there will be many. At times, I got frustrated but I was determined not to give up! With all of the tutorials, social media pages, and blogs out there— I started asking real people, real questions about hair. Everyone was so helpful making my journey fun and easier than expected. Thank you! 


To make a long story shorter, after almost 4 months of learning about my hair and myself, in 4 days it’s my birthday. I want a different look for the day and get pampered. Hell, let’s keep it real — I want my hair done, lol! So, in preparation to transition back to “The Press & Curl”, I did an At-Home All Natural Deep Condition Mask. I wanted to try one of the remedies I had read so much about.  I really enjoyed the turn out so, I will definitely be doing another soon. But, for this go round..

This is what you will need:


– 2 over ripe bananas

– 1 egg

– olive oil

– blender

– bowl

– plastic cap or hair clips (optional, depending on length)


1.  Separate egg white from the yolk and pour it in the blender. 

2. Pour about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into the blender, too. 


3. Peel those mushy, over ripened bananas, and put them the blender.


4. Blend. Make sure there are no banana lumps!

I read they’re really hard to get out.  A lesson I’d rather learn through others . 


This is what the consistency should look like.


5. Pour the mix into a bowl.

I found, if you’re using a Nutri/Magic blender situation, you can keep it in that. No need in washing extra dishes. Have you bowl handy, just in case you find it’s too hard to maneuver without. It’s about what works for you!


From bowl to bathroom …


When my hair starts to look dry and brittle, I regret this no heat thing. I know when my hair is straight and dry, I can put a little oil or grease on it and, I’m back to feeling like a Cover Girl model. When it’s curly, I truly feel defeated. 

6. Massage mask all throughout your hair but, especially the ends.


Oh yea, you might want to have a towel on hand too! It can get a little messy, until it dries.


6. Set your timer for 30 minutes & wait. 


7. When the 30 minutes are up, the mask will have dried and hardened some. WASH THOROUGHLY in COLD WATER.

“You don’t want the egg to cook.” Research is hilarious, lol!


This is the state of my hair after the rinsing the mask, still soaking wet leaving just a tad bit of conditioner in still.IMG_7759.JPGI greased my scalp and put it in 4 braids and called it a night. 

While drying, I could already tell the effects of the mask. It bought my hair BACK! I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it looked like after my braid out because they’re still in. Follow me on Facebook, I promise to post the braid out there! 

Yes, I am doing all of this in preparation for my pressed birthday hair (I’m actually multitasking and looking up heat protectants too) but this is a ritual that’s now stamped in the archives and will be putting into use again! I love using all natural products. Makes me feel good, lol. 

Let’s keep the conversation going. I would LOVE for you to share what you use on your hair too! What I’ve learned about our natural hair community is that we love to support each other’s journey & spread love! Leave a comment below, or just say hi! 

until next time…



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