Hey Guys! Yea, yea, it’s New York Fashion Week & frankly, I’m just over it (GASP!). You ask “How could a blogger based out the Greater Area of New York be over the most phenomenal time of the year?” How? It’s just too much! By all means don’t get me wrong, I love, love love this time, Yes! But by Day 4 … You’re begging for a sense of normalcy. And this year, it just wasn’t the Fashion Week I was expecting so, I’ll catch you all again for Fall.

& Peeps — Because you are my people’s, I want to start being more real and not so surface and just outfits, ya’kno? I want to explore more with you. I can feel it in the air. I can hear it in your voice. You know when you feel 100% completely comfortable in your skin and who you are, even when you’re not? When you radiate confidence and there’s nothing anyone can do about it? Yea, that’s how I’m feeling lately. Maybe it’s the seasons changing or maybe it’s just me getting a tad older. Yup, it’s happening (& yes, it is creeping up — 7 more days til #CCBIRTHDAYBEHAVIOR !)


Buuuut, let’s talk about clothes .. I mean, while you’re here.. This was one of those “New York Fashion Week events” looks. The outfit you put together when you don’t plan on doing much walking, just ‘posing, networking & showing off your fashions’. But, as you can see, & if you follow me on The Gram, you know this is the furthest I got in this.   I know we all hate that! Ugh. So, I went in the hallway and snapped pics anyway — after 2 days of trying, poor thing almost got jaundice, lol! In my opinion, some outfits just need to be photographed, regardless of how much daylight it’s seen!

Plus, I was very excited about how this skirt came out. Does it look familiar yet?


This yellow and black vintage “skirt” was previously worn here, as a dress! Initially when I bought it, I was super geeked and wanted to wear it to a family dinner but, it didn’t fit like I wanted so I nixed that and moved to another outfit. While playing in my closet one day, I took it out and stepped into as a skirt — FLADAP! I no longer saw a dress and I was ALL over making that skirt happen. Well, you know how it goes, life happened and I never got around to it. NYFW rolls around and I’m thinking to myself “I have nothing to wear! No WOW pieces! Grr.” I pulled this dress/skirt thing back out the closet, got my stylist kit out, and pinned this baby up exactly how I wanted it to look.

I promise you safety pins do you wonders in an emergency fashion fix —

& in this case, a can’t hand-sew this before the next show fix.

I know I shouldn’t  safety pin my waist to wear out but, you gotta do what you gotta do and fake it ’til you make it … literally. I love how the original buttons down the front makes an unpredictable statement against the bold print. The flaps on the side resemble a peplum silhouette but, it’s really just the sleeves! I used to tweak clothes all the time, bringing out all types of creativeness. I’m back on it! I absolutely love how this skirt turned out & now I can’t even see a dress! Heck, I don’t want to! 


& the bag should look familiar too, no? You’ve seen me wear it here as a shoulder bag. With a quick removal of the strap and a roll of the top, I turned my vintage shoulder bag into a spicy red clutch. The pop of color every outfit needs! And to match my little red shoes — man, I just thought I was doin’ it! Too bad I was doin’ it for my 4 walls .. and now you all! 


— details —

— hair: dry twist out — shirt: H&M — skirt: vintage/diy — shoes: Gap —



ps. stay close guys, I’m going to do a post shortly on my natural hair journey. I haven’t really gotten into it much but with almost 4 months of NO HEAT, this is something we should celebrate. It’s a countdown to #CCBIRTHDAYBEHAVIOR 7 more days! xo

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