Young & Wild Boho.

IMG_6054Happy Saturday Friends!

Have I told you I’ve been on a “natural hair” journey this Summer? Yea, I don’t really know what that means besides me just trying to embrace the me I was born as and work with instead of against these curls. One day, I’ll do a post on products, style and all that but, for now, just know I’m trying to maintain this mane. Bare with me yall! After wash day, co wash, night-time regimes and protective styles .. I just decided to be free! And nothing matches more with my spirit right now than this dress. Part delicate. Part wild. And ALLLLL ME!IMG_6078IMG_6091Truth is, As much as I love this dress I can’t wear it too much in the summer. For starters, I want to preserve it’s sexy as much as possible. But in all actuality, what’s really holding me back is the lining. It’s kinda hot and heavy under there! Not the airy feel, you’d imagine it would give off. But, I still love it nonetheless! I just want to twirl, honey! Gone with the wind fabulous 😉IMG_6074IMG_6076This is what I call Boho Chic Kept Simple. Usually, I’d stack bracelets and sterling silver it out but I’m totally into minimalism, my way. I can’t do it like the bloggers that wear a simple tee and leather pants and bad ass heels. As much as I love it, and even try, that’s just not me. So, I have to do minimalism my way and for this look, that’s pairing it with the “ugly trend,” that’s really just comfortable sandal, & my curly tresses — and she’s done! All that was missing was an adventure. Shout out to my potna’ in crime .. hurry home girl! IMG_6107

— details —

— dress: Willow & Clay via Nordstrom Rack — sandals: Gap — 



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