Another Dooney.


Hey Guys! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent most of mine prancing around with a baby on my shoulder. Isn’t she cute?

20140710-170413-61453571.jpgYup, another Dooney & Bourke! Okay, so come closer … let me tell you how it went down. ( I feel like Auntie Wendy.. How YOU Doin?) This past #ThriftThursday, my beloved thrift store entertained 3 generations of fly! Ever since Nana’s last haul, she can’t get enough of the deals and reminds me another visit is in order every other week. I can’t be mad at that, I love quality time as well as scoring oldie but goodies! And this was no different! 20140710-170409-61449403.jpgsometimes you’ll find a piece in mint condition, or even with tags. Admittedly, I appreciate the wear of my finds. I only wish I knew the stories behind them all. 20140710-170415-61455811.jpgWalking around the store, keeping my eye open for Nana’s style, I knew she always admired the bags I would find. So, I took a little look at the handbag section. Only to my surprise, I spot this baby, and 2 others (I’ll tell you about those later). As I skipped back to Nana, like the 5-year-old that would sit on the end of her bed and watch her pick out her Sunday best, I was eager to show her what I found. Although she loved it, she reminded me of a similar bag she already owns. Maybe that’s why I loved it so much. Nana taught me! Immediately, I caught myself projecting to the future, accessorizing my Summer looks with this perfect neutral. Then it clicked, no pun intended, but let’s give Click a new look & make this my new camera bag. And then the price spoke for itself. This is what we call a STEAL. I had to look around to make sure I wasn’t being set up. It was ONLY $3. 20140710-170407-61447406.jpg

The new Dooney has been the perfect companion all weekend and I reminded Nana she can borrow her any time!

— details —

Dooney & Bourke bucket bag, thrifted.

Until next time, 



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