Coke Confession.

It’s the first of the month..Get up, Wake up! Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend and now looking back on the past month, enjoyed the heck out of June! If you didn’t, just know July will be a good one!! We have only 3 days left until it’s a holiday full of celebration & with Fifa’s World Cup going on, I know you’re screaming for your favorite team. It’s U-S-A over here .. (as if I’m in to it, lol) Can I make a confession though? And it’s not about FIFA …


I went thrifting last week but it wasn’t on #ThriftThursday. I know, I know, I’m a horrible being! BUT I am a very smart shopper. Instead of hitting up my usual Thursday thrift shop for 25% off, I shopped on Wednesday at a newly found, very dingy, but so good Salvation Army and got 50% off my total purchase! POW. Granted, I was on the hunt for certain items, that I didn’t find, might I add. But,  I just couldn’t pass up $2 tees. I mean, would you?

I scored this vintage men’s Coke tee for only $1 — originally $2, lol. IMG_5036I immediately came home, washed the tee & cut the sleeves off. When I pick out certain pieces, I already have in mind the renewal that is needed. For a men’s XL tee, a little tweaking was necessary. & paired with the right outfit …IMG_5027My golly, I think we’ve got a winner!IMG_5029but whyyyyy do I always get lipstick on my teeth? I can’t stop, won’t stop smiling though. It’s all good over here.IMG_5025Pardon my back 😉IMG_5026So good — I almost started dancing in the humid, slightly drizzling rain. “I aint got no worries” when my braid out makes my hair soft + fluffy, my shirt was a $1 and my kicking it in my converse. “I aint got no worries.”IMG_5021“Look me in my face …”IMG_5037— details —

— tee: vintage Coke (thrifted for $1) — skirt + plaid tied waist: H&M — necklace: Nordstrom — sneakers: Converse



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