Vintage Black and Yellow.

IMG_4986Hey Fly Friends! As you all know, I’m a sucker for vintage at a thrifted price. *insert Covers Monkey Face emoji* Did I just say that? Yesssss honey, it’s true! I do, I do, I do-o-oooo! About three #ThriftThursdays ago, I hit up my local vintage shop & hauled out of there with beauties by the bundle. If you’re a follower of my blog or Instagram, you’ve already seen my  vintage renewal floral shorts. Like my shorts, this dress was love at first sight! Hell, while trying it on in the fitting room, I already envisioned me wearing to the future in laws birthday dinner. But, after revisiting the mirror time and time again, I figured it wasn’t too appropriate . *insert ‘covers monkey face’ emoji again*  But, it was perfect for kickin’ it ! IMG_4990IMG_4988IMG_4996IMG_4997IMG_4999IMG_5000IMG_5002IMG_4994
IMG_5007IMG_5011— details —

— sheer vest: Cotton On — dress: vintage (thrifted $3) — wedges: MIA — backpack purse: Jas M.B. —

Coco & Click Share: honestly, I haven’t purchased anything other than vintage in months and I’m loving it. The sheer vest, the backpack, these pieces that are so “on trend”  (will you look at that) have been in my closet for years. My thing is, if I like it, I rock it. If  you stay true to yourself, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with trends. You know my saying  “I dress to impress the mirror and shop to impress my pockets.” so until next time …



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4 Replies to “Vintage Black and Yellow.”

  1. Staci, I love your mantra – dress to impress yourself, and shop to impress your wallet. You’re killing it! Awesome outfit. 🙂

  2. Love your blogging style! Absolutely love your motto, from one thrifter to another. The best feeling is when we can look both in the mirror AND in our wallets and feel amazing!

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