Proper Summer Send Off

IMG_4547It was a “Summer Send Off done propa” … as in properly 🙂IMG_4521Having brunch at Macondo NYC in the Lower East Side was the perfect place to celebrate. Cute enough to chill all day but chill enough to want to turn up .. make sense? Well, it would to you after a 2 hour limit of “flavored” mimosas! And we tried them all! I can’t remember the flavors but by the 3rd round, “the red one” was my favorite anyway! Good choice, Alisha & ( Buzzfeed, lol)IMG_4532Afterwards, we walked around & you never know what you’ll find once you turn a corner in NYC. When we did, it was skaters everywhere and people throwing water balloons off their balconies. We joined the fun and made a photo-op out of it. I mean, wouldn’t you? *Cameras flashing*IMG_4589IMG_4599IMG_4581IMG_4608IMG_4633IMG_4642So much fun, I didn’t want it to end! But, after a bittersweet farewell, we were on our way back to Jersey. Until we stumbled across the hidden gem that is, The Wash house NYC. Such a dope place nestled on East 1st Street, serving you laundry service under an hour and while you wait .. can they interest you in a cup of joe or a cold one? I mean, NY is it! Doesn’t get better than that! Definitely stop by, if you’re in the area – tell them I sent ya! The employees are super friend and the art work in there is amazing! IMG_4680IMG_4683IMG_4684

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