Le Flea Weekend

20140602-112113-40873535.jpgYou know those days that make you feel so productive and fulfilled ? Well, I had a weekend full of that! Spent most of our time, trying to finally make our apartment more homely! After the flop at the thrift on Thursday, we went to the flea marke to the hunt for trinkets … trinkets, only…lol



20140602-111547-40547841.jpg I’ve sold jewelry and things at the flea market before but it was my boyfriends first time really going! I didn’t want to tell him too much before he got there. Just wanted to see the look on his face as we strolled through the aisles of stands and stands of anything and everything you could imagine! We spotted tables of working vintage cameras to Wheaties boxes with Jordan on it! It was great!

& the fooood! We had Italian sausages for breakfast! Oh, le weekend!


I scored 2 dainty, gold filled bracelets that I’m completely obsessed over already (both for $15), some things for the house, including the perfect TV stand. Yea, so much for trinkets only, lol!  Nevertheless, we had a great day at the flea! Of course I couldn’t come home without one (or three) of their infamous Italian Icees .. NOM!


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