#ThriftThursday : tans + heels

20140530-094630-35190518Hey Peeps! Yesterday was #ThriftThursday 

— that’s something new I’m going to start doing for you all! … Who the heck am I kidding? I’m doing it for myself too! I’m going to post my thrifted finds on Thursdays — so, shop with me & tag your posts with #ThriftThursday so you can share you finds too! To kick off the new wave, I popped by the thrift store 1) to donate my 1980 box TV that was taking up half of “the mancave” & 2) to see if there were any new trinkets for the home. Totally in decor mode … blame it on the Spring cleaning!



– details – 

– flannel: Gap – shorts: DIY/thrifted – belt: Kohl’s (see here) –

let’s keep it real, heck yes, I swapped out the heels when for some slides when it was time to shop. Everyone knows if you’re really going to shop, you go for comfy chic and leave the f-me pumps at home. Blogger Realness.




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