Besties Birthday Night Out


Hey Friends! This #throwbackThursday was my best friends birthday so, of course we had to bless the city streets in all black like The Omen. Sorry but not sorry 🙂 When it’s me + my girls, “Lost your touch? We kept ours!” This is the crew from way back. That’s just what we do! Top right black and white pic was taken when we were about 18/19, lol. A hot mess but you couldn’t tell us nothing!


Here are some not-so-clear-but-who-the-hell-was-carrying-a-DSLR-to-the-club-unless-you’re-getting-paid-to-do-so-iphone-it-is pictures from our night out. Not too many because it’s like Vegas 😉 We started in Harlem & then headed downtown. Hope you had a great birthday, bestie but I’m pretty sure she did! Until next years turn up and next weekends just because! “We in there!” 


You know when you have an outfit planned out in your head, rea’ta go, only when you put it on, it looks nothing like you envisioned. Yea, that happened Thursday but it wasn’t going to stop the fun. Grabbed my interview skirt, paired it with a bralette and a body chain and I was out the door! I actually liked it better than the original outfit! Cheers to a good outfit that got photographed (you know the good ones never make it) and a great night with my gals! 

— details —
my last minute outfit: skirt: DVF purchased on sale from Bloomingdale’s for $48, originally $228!



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