lollipops + no socks kinda day!

That’s what little baddies are made of! lol I don’t know what’s gotten in to me lately. Well actually I do. I was on a mission to feel and live that sexy life in South Florida & now that I’m home, I can’t (and refuse to) shake the feeling! sorry JT. I’m the one bringing it back now! 20140521-123437-45277022.jpg Yesterday, I didn’t give my outfit a second thought. Those days you don’t care are the best! And much appreciated … a chick on the street stopped me to compliment my outfit. She nodded with assurance as I walked away. Lol For some reason compliments from women always feel better and more sincere than the average Joe Shmoe on the street. I wonder why … 20140521-123707-45427604.jpgRight before I stepped out the door, I ripped the shoulder pads out of my jacket. The whole NFL player look wasn’t really the character I was trying to play for the day. & just like that …a minor adjustment made AND I just gave my never worn thrifted 90’s inspired windbreaker jacket a whole new shelf life! *take a bow*20140521-123706-45426944.jpgPaired with a simple maxi & mirrored shades. You know how it goes —done + done! I was so tempted to wear Adidas slides but I kept hearing my boyfriend’s voice in my head “Slides are too tomboyish, baby. We’ve gotta get you those Birkenstocks you keep talkin’bout.” I don’t know about too tomboyish … we do tomboy chic over here BUTTTT, Mama does need a pair of Birks!!!! LOL He’s probably somewhere reading this and shaking his head, lol 🙂20140521-124143-45703822.jpgSpring is in full effect & I’m feeling good! 

— details —
— jacket:thrifted $7 — maxi: F21 — sandals + shades : Mandee —


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