body party.


Hey Friends!

I know I’ve been gone for a little but it’s for good reason. I took a much needed and appreciated vacation with my love. Plenty of posts coming soon with pictures of our daily adventures. If you’re following me on Instagram; you’ve seen a glimpse already but just wait for the real deal Holyfield!! 

Before I left, I worked the fame NYC Tradeshow at the Javitz Center. It was a week of learning more of this world I love, fashion. I love getting to see all of the different sides of the business side that I one day will be a part of. And it was also so fun to meet new people and be in the great city that I love, New Yawk, lol.

this was pretty much my daily uniform for the duration of the show. My Paige Denim leather coated skinnies & a tank w/ my Zara trench & Toms. Ever want to find a comfortable pair of walking shoes? Look down when you’re in NYC. These women may be stiletto strutting in the office but in the streets, they know what’s up!




Im a sucker for effortless lux & this my friends is it ! Yass to the gawdsss. Ha! If we would’ve had more time they would’ve officially been coco & click’d.


Meanwhile on the inside ..




It was a great experience! See you again soon fame nyc!


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