Casual Sundays!


Man listen, when I say I LOVE SUNDAYS, it’s no bullshit. I really do! This Sunday, I took my routine stroll around the neighborhood trying to20140429-101547.jpg

discover new things, eyes always open. I’m a dork like that. Nature/Outdoors excites me, regardless of my homebody traits! & while walking to meet up with my friend that was in town, boy did I have an adventure!20140429-101816.jpg Discovered some new cheap boutiques. I’m telling you, my eyes are wide open for anything tropical beachy that may catch my eye, they’re open until the moment I step on that plane. Saw some man stumbling through the streets, after clearly having one too many shots in the morning. I mean, it was broad daylight and it looked like this man was playing hopscotch without the rocks. It was crazy, lol. Popeyes biscuit was good, but the people watching session I had was even greater! One of my favorite past times. After meeting up with my 19, somehow we spent over a hour in the drugstore trying to pick out the perfect shade and still completely sealed lip gloss-matte only-but not lipstick. The beauty aisle struggle. We made it out alive. I bought one, she bought 3. I loved none, she loved 2. Lol, the struggle is real. I need a T-shirt for proof. There’s something about an effortless outfit that triumphs every time! I loved my all day cas look from Sunday.20140429-101856.jpg

Top Five Reasons I love Sundays:
1. Comfort, which means rocking kicks.
2. Catching up with friends.
3. Eating until stuffed then sleeping off the food-coma.
4. Strolls with Click.
5. Getting ready to claim another great week!

20140429-102333.jpg — details —
— denim jacket: (similar) Express — sweater: (similar) Nordstrom Rack — denim: (similar) Rag & Bone — sneakers: Converse — bag: thrifted —


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