my old Coach, Bernie.

20140415-171534.jpgHey Friends! Besides people watching, thrifting has to be one of my favorite past times. Not only is it relaxing, but it triggers my thrill seeking peculiarities & I’m a zombie for the next few hours. Yes, hours. You must have patience while sifting through one’s trash + discovering a few treasures. One time, I even stumbled upon a blazer I had in my closet, that was taken from my moms. When I sent her a picture text with “Look what I found at the thrift store” she freaked.


 that blazer was a lot of money.” Yea, now it’s not — it can be yours for 3.99. You want it again? Throw it in the bag! lol The other day when I stopped by my local shop, I headed straight for housewares. After my floral shop stop this weekend, I’m obsessing over pretty vases. Found a few. Didn’t buy. Why? Because when you walk into a store with a $20 budget and just searching for a buy — one must be selective. Instead of glassware, I opted for an old coach. Not just any old coach, but a vintage Coach in the exact color I’ve dreamed of.

20140415-171545.jpgHe’s real. In good condition. & allllll mine! Meet Bernie. Faves get names. Hence, coco & click.20140415-171552.jpgI love this kinda brown. It goes with everything & I mean EVERYTHING but still looks best with black, white, & ahhhh …. gray!

20140415-171559.jpgThe best part was he was under $15 !!

20140415-234837.jpgTook Bernie for a spin today, Almost strapped him in next to Click. 


I fell in love with this vintage sewing machine found at the thrift. If I had an ounce of talent that my grandmother has, I would’ve nixed the budget and invested in my children’s future of handmade clothes lol. But I don’t so, I didn’t lol. They will thank me later. 




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