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The weatherman is a liar talking that gaga about possible snow, let’s just talk about my ski trip & that snow. I can’t deal with not 1 more snowflake until I’ve had at least 4 consecutive weeks of sunshine. & I mean SUNSHINE! not any weak rays! I need to step out of my door and get a tan, lol. I’m reaching but, I’m saying :).

IMG_1666We went to the Poconos in March, for what we’re trying to make our annual trip for skiing & thangs. Just like last year, we rented a cabin and went to down to PA for the weekend. It’s the perfect “change of scenery” but not really, that we need to break up the brutal Winter. It was great — even though I spent most of it drugged up from painkillers. I got my wisdom tooth pulled the day before we left. I was kinda in lala land. Sorry girls, lol. The night we got there we stayed in playing games & catching up! Exactly what the doctor prescribed! 

IMG_1757The next morning we cooked a BIG breakfast & then hit the slopes!IMG_8199 IMG_8205 IMG_8297 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8213 IMG_8295 IMG_8254

I really don’t want to wait until the ski trip to go skiing again. I had so much fun, mainly because I was really good. (If the boyfriend admits it, although he hates it, than you know I did my thing.. go me!) Forget those bunny slopes, I was out there with the big boys. I thought Sochi was calling 😉 Until next year!

— details —

layers upon layers — jacket: Adidas (c/o him) — sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs



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