Citi Plaid.


After catching up with you the other day, I had to run to the city for a quick meeting in Midtown. One thing I love about being a Jersey girl is the close vicinity we are to the great New York. We really are spoiled with the best of  both worlds — city & the ‘burbs! I’ll shout Jersey girl to the death of me but I LOVE the city!! 


& it was the kinda day you could wear just about anything. I promise you these undefined seasons really have New Yorkers in a tizzy! While walking around, you can see a bubble coat/denim short combo next to a sundress leather situation. Gotta love New Yawk & it’s antics!

20140410-212719.jpg& the never ending taxi/car collisions on every corner are inevitable in the city. But I must say, these Citi bikes all over have me feeling like Pharrell’s hat on a red carpet – HAPPY! The boyfriend said people have been complaining about them… I think they’re pretty neat! I couldn’t resist having a few tourist moments while walking through Times Square. Who would’ve ever thought a 20 minute bus ride could leave you so darn blissful?  Ahhh … 🙂 20140410-212647.jpg

Life just keeps getting better and better now that Spring has sprung!20140410-212610.jpg

— details —

— plaid: Shipley & Halmos — skirt: dress, Joyce Leslie (don’t sleep, don’t judge) — denim & leather jacket: old Express — booties: Dolce Vita — top knot gangsta 

I told you all I was back. This beautiful weather has me feeling inspired again. HAPPY WEEKEND, EVERYONE! Check out me straight flexin on IG



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