"Her" everydays

Had to do a quick post about my hunt! You know those everyday shoes. The ones that go with everything. Ya know, the black ones. Well, I’ve finally found my pair! The other day I was just itching to shop. Of course I have my needs but I was willing to buy just about ANYTHING! Ladies, I know y’all feel me. But because I’ve taken on this new whole “only buy unless you love” attitude, it’s really been putting a damper on my purchases! I’m sure the 2 Bs (boyfriend & bank account) have no complaints. But geez, Eloise!

I went thrifting.. I hit up Burlington Coat Factory. Even, the outlets! Alas, my oldie but goodie- Nordstrom Rack fails me never! After pacing back and forth, up and down the 7 & 7.5 aisle, a bright light shines on my shoe. Yea, I claimed her in the aisle. Why? Because she was coming home with me. & guess what I’m wearing right now. Her.


The perfect ankle boot by Dolce Vita & under $50 — can’t beat that! I ‘m taking Her for a test run, while I’ll be sitting most of the day to break them in. If everything is everything like Lauryn Hill, everyday rocking here we come!



I’ll keep you updated 😉


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