Mixed Feelings & Riding Pants.

Hey Lovies! Sorry for my recent absence. To be honest, we’ve been getting hit with polar vortex after snowstorm, after vortex after blah. & if you think I’m exaggerating … check the stats. I’ve just been so uninspired lately. The snow is pretty the first fall & all but after a record breaking Winter, I’m beat. I might have to pack up a party bus and move to Flordia. …Lies I tell, haha!

IMG_1124When I wore this,

 I wasn’t too sure of my look. I liked the flow of everything — minus the necklace. But, I went for it and walked out of the door rocking one of my favorite vintage sweaters and riding pants!


Ironically, after the shoot I took the necklace off. I just looked so much better without. Sorry there are no pics see but you know how that quick change in the bathroom goes. You pass by a mirror, catch a glimpse of yourself and have to stop. Ladies, put your hands up *Mary J. voice* put your hands up. I forgot the ‘take one item off before leaving the house’ rule — Oops! Nevertheless, it all worked out. Just close your eyes and visualize.


The creepy van in the back pulled up to get a closer look at my outfit. & when I was done, he asked for a pic. Did I say creepy? Yea, exactly. On a classier note, here’s a closer look at my thrifted Dooney & Bourke cross-body bag & DIY mani. (That wasn’t classy at all, lol.)


— details —

— coat: thrifted — sweater: thrifted — riding pants: Gap, boots: BCBG — necklace: F21 — bag: thrifted —

More posts coming soon & more often. Did the groundhog see his shadow? I missed the memo.



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