Green With Envy.

Avid thrifter. Love it. Will never look back. I’m the kind of chick that has no qualms about sifting & searching through racks to find that one item you can’t live without. I actually pride myself on that fact *breaks into You Bring Me  Joy by my girl, Mary J*. Just moved — had to find a thrift store in my area. Something closer than all the stores across the bridge that show up in my Google search. & WHAM! BAM! Thank you miza’am — Google Maps says 3 mins away driving distance. You know I’m there! If you follow me on Instagram ( which you should, click here — sorry, not sorry) then you’ve already seen some of my goodies. After thrifting for an hour or so, I came home with a new winter coat with a real fur  collar (sorry PETA) & basically this entire outfit minus the jeans. IMG_0809

After wearing this, I realized how much I enjoy jeweled tones… sometimes 😉IMG_0815IMG_0835

Now this was a definite score! I spotted those vertical stripes all the way in the back of a wall  full of handbags & stopped in my tracks. My arm transformed into something out of Inspector Gadget & gripped this beauty. I’ve always wanted a Fendi bag (yeaaa, I admit it) but one with the signature stripes vs signature double Fs. Just something about it was much cooler to me. In my opinion. Pros: This bag is so spacious inside, as well as a cross-body!  Cons: Haven’t discovered any yet. Definitely in love, to say the least. I’ve taken it for a test run many times since bringing the baby home, and like milk — it does a body good!

— the details —

Jacket: Ann Taylor (thrifted) — Blouse: Philosophy (thrifted) — Wide Leg Denim: 7 For All Mankind — Bag: Fendi (vintage)



3 Replies to “Green With Envy.”

  1. Hi coco,
    I’m green with envy looking at your entire outfit! Although we’ve still got a few days until the weekend, your look has inspired me for the weekend. Because of you, cheers to my freaking weekend!


    1. CocoLover, you’re awesome! Sorry, I’m so late with the comments but it’s right on time. The weekend is [basically] here, so yes! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!! xo, staci

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