Acid Sequins

IMG_0640IMG_0663Before I left for college, I counted over a 100 pairs of jeans. Judge me if you will but what else does a tomboy teen from Jersey wear in high school? That and some Adidas slides — those who know what I’m talking about, know what I’m talking about.  Since then, I have stepped my game up just a tad. Quality over quantity and yet somehow it still added up to around half of my college number. Even so, I’m addicted to a select few. Most are all “premium denim”, some are just cool.  & these are a pair that get to sit at the “Cool Table”.  To me, it’s not about the label and all about the denim. What can I say? I reserve the right to love a pair of  good old-fashioned blue jeans 🙂IMG_0728IMG_0749The unexplainable passion for shoes is for another time and another post. Stay tuned, we will get to it. & an encouraging word to my male readers — Don’t try to understand it. Just embrace it … & support it if you can. Haha IMG_0730— the details —

floral sequins top: thrifted — acid wash denim: Urban Outfitters — suede booties: BCBG — earrings: F21



3 Replies to “Acid Sequins”

    1. Seriously tho .. I really was just trying to emphasize the love for my jeans but the more I look back at the pics, the top sure does pop! Thanks for noticing! I’m on the look out for some more distressed jeans ( w/rips, of course ) know of any, let me know 🙂 Keep in touch! xo, staci

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