Christian, Catherine & Calvin!

IMG_0513Have you ever shopped your own closet before? No??? Oh, baby! You don’t know what you’re missing! I stopped by my mom’s house  (still weird thinking I’m finally a grown up living on my own — bonkers!) to pick up my favorite oversized coat. While there, I spotted my ivory turtleneck that I’ve been pushing to the back of the closet. Yea well, not anymore – it has made it’s debut to the front. This ivory obsession is real! Lately, I am totally into nudes, especially ivory! As soon as I placed my turtleneck in my closet, I snatched it right back out! (The coat didn’t even make it on a hanger!) I already had an outfit in mind. The days you already know what you’re going to wear are so easy & breezy, beautiful like Cover Girls! IMG_0536IMG_0594Honestly, I’ve been ready to give this jean jacket to the Salvation Army for some time now. Haven’t found a replacement yet so, I’m kind of holding on until I do. The funky truth! But this oversized coat is a gem to say the least! As a sworn in thrifter, I take pride in my great finds. This coat is Christian Dior. Yes, I said thee C H R I S T I A N  D I O R … & i paid $20 for it. Yes, I said $ 2 0 !!! (wipe the drool from your mouth, its unattractive! jk haha) This is my first time wearing it all season but so worth it. Perfect day to wear draped on my shoulders like a Fashion Week beast! ps – I have an annoying habit of wearing hair ties on my wrists at all times, as you can see. SMHIMG_0519As i rock the fashion blogger faux bob, I’m impressed by my DIY white mani. It only lasted a day but it looked cute while it did! IMG_0544Now that I look – from bob to boot, this entire outfit was less than $150 dollars! IMG_0552I don’t usually post prices but the deals were too good not to share!

— the details —

— turtleneck: (gifted) — denim jacket: Express (very old) — coat: Christian Dior via thrifted ($20) — cargo pants: Catherine Malandrino via Loehmann’s ($42) — ankle boots: Calvin Klein ($54) — earrings: Rachel Roy (gifted, thanks Mom!)

speaking of mom, so funny she said to me “You spent HOW much on those pants? $50??? Yea right! That’s not you. You don’t spend more than $20 on clothes!” I was cracking up when she said that. VERY true to an EXTENT! If I can get a Christian Dior coat for $20, why would I pay full price for clothes? I usually don’t – blame it on my days in retail! But these pants were a good look, great quality, and an even better fit! (when it comes to pants, I’ll pay a little more for it. Shoes and Bags are splurges) But, that’s for another day, another post! Until then …



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