Felix The Cat Tee

IMG_0438Over this past weekend, it was finally time to take that stroll around  my new neighborhood  and explore.  ( I mean it’s almost been 6 months and I’m still getting settled — Sheesh!) Too bad, I didn’t make it too  far, as it started to rain foxes and leopards. C’mon Mama Nat! The man friend & I Yelp’d local restaurants and stopped by  & it was closed! GRR. The chef was there doing inventory & let us in to sample some cake. YUM! (I’ll do a review post when we taste test the food!! *eyes bulging*) By the time the rain stopped, the sun was going down , right along with the temperature! Never mind the stroll, I’m good with my all black, cake and cat!  IMG_0447IMG_0462

Weekend Agenda  — explore new neighborhood, get oil changed,   thrift, eat & sleep! Take that productivity!IMG_0464I have a sick case of storing sentimental value in my clothes! My Felix the Cat shirt holds a special place in my heart.  One day my college roommate took me to this  little store known in the South for accessories and cute little knickknacks (currently texting her to find out the name of the store. Yea, it was one of those).  That day we racked up on necklaces to dress up baby tee shirts and  belts to cinch cardigans. (Oh, my HU days!)  But this was that one item, I couldn’t go home without. FELIX!!! for  $5! IMG_0479IMG_0476All of this perforated goodness, probably one of my favorite bags to date. I’ll do a separate post to explain why.  Trust me, it’s amazing!IMG_0481the details— Felix the Cat tee: Southern store — Collar Necklace: Nordstrom — Leather Bomber: Express (very old) — Handbag: Jas M. B. book bag — Sunglasses: Ray Ban

IMG_0478I’m trying to work on my detail shots. Most pictures are taken by me and my tripod. Some taken by the man friend 😉

xo staci

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