Snow Gray


Lately if you wake up and the temperate isn’t peaking freezing, it can damn near feel like Summer. I knew I wanted to just throw on a comfy cape and test out these new boots! But, by the time I went to heat up the car, it looked like this outside. Temp was still right, so I went rolling with the homies. *hand motion required*  Name that movie, GO!IMG_0402 IMG_0405

I’ve been looking for over the knee boots that aren’t $1,000+ for years now. No exxag. I know I have expensive taste but thats’s rent. I cant  dish it out on leather, even though I know I would live in them season after season. After returning a mixed match pair of slippers from Christmas, I found myself in the shoe department of Burlington Coat Factory. Only to find a new shipment of boots. And with what seemed like a white light shining directly on my size, there the y were. — exactly what I’ve been looking, wanting and waiting for! After a  DIY project and a quick trip to the shoe repair (sticky zipper – additional 10% off — final sale) You will notice very early on how much I love a good deal! They were ALL mine! So happy. Naturally I had to break them in. So far, so good! No complaints on the front line!  In love, we will see 😉 In like a LOT! IMG_0419 IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0431—the details —

— cape : hotel boutique in Vegas — oxford: J.Crew —  boots: ABS via Burlington Coat Factory — shades: Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom

Yonce is on constant replay in my head.. yours too?

xo staci

3 Replies to “Snow Gray”

    1. I’m glad you found my blog on Lucky too! Ya know, sometimes you just have to have fun with it! It can be very awkward taking pics at times but thankfully, I’m not screwed too tight up there so laughing at myself comes natural. haha Thanks for stopping by! xo, staci

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