Flannel In The Cut

IMG_0282Lately, I’ve been into wearing black & anything that is effortless (hence my top back knot). Yea, me and 2 million other people in the world. I know, I know. But, its different. If you take a gander at my closet – it’s full of colors, prints, patterns, brights & very little black. The bare minimum. But, I’ve been itching for the chicness that is black and dare I say, normalizing my closet some? Shocking. I do it for the real girls out there. A wise man once said, “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” Just sayin.IMG_0298IMG_0286IMG_0301IMG_0285

IMG_0303IMG_0292 the details –

– top: Target — dress: Banana Republic via thrift store —  jacket around waist: The Limited (via moms closet)

xo staci 

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