Winter White for the First Snow Day of 2014!



Preparing for a snow storm is not my idea of a day off. I made it through, despite the vultures at the supermarket, and stocked up all household needs in case we really did get snowed in. By the time 6PM rolled around, I thought we got duked  once again by the media into shopping for non-perishables. Boy, was I wrong! I woke up to 6 inches of fluffy goodness all over the ground. It’s so pretty (before people start to truck through it)! So, it’s official.. I’m snowed in on the first snow of 2014!IMG_0161

No one is home to play in the snow with me. (My guy got called in to work) Not like he would if he were home anyway, lol. He’s not the cold weather type.  & I don’t blame him — I almost lost a pinky out there!IMG_0170 

During my clubbing-as-my-second-job-judge-me-you-will-not days, I bought this coat from H&M as a quick fix. All of the other girls would have black coats and I never wanted a drunknhotgirl to go home with mine. So naturally, I chose gray. It’s an oldie but goodie. Don’t sleep on H&M.

– the details –


– J.Crew cashmere sweater – H&M tank blouse – BB Dakota faux fur vest – 


– metallic boots from Nordstrom – beanie from random accessories shop in Chinatown, NY – 


Be safe. Stay Warm. Don’t lose a pinky trying to look cute!

xo staci 

2 Replies to “Winter White for the First Snow Day of 2014!”

  1. Hi Coco,
    I recently started following you, and I’ve become obsessed! i Loooooooooove your winter white look in the snow! I would love to wear something similar in the snow, but how can I get away with wearing this in the snow? If I wear tights, can I wear a similar look in the snow?



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