Did You "Splash" Through 2013 Too?


Just another rainy day in Jersey – and what do you know – i lovee the rain! you wouldn’t be able to tell by the look on my face but it was cold. “She wasn’t readyyy,” in my best Kevin Hart voice. Lately, I have been exercising my right to practice my impersonation as much as possible. 


A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.
— Charles Gordy


Corny, I know but, I’m just happy to be here. Exactly where I am – right here – in these shoes. As cliche as it sounds, as the year comes to and end I can’t believe 2013 flew by the way it did. We say the same thing every year and it never seems to shock me any less. Time flies when you’re living your life and being happy! “2013 taught me!”


Now on to the fashion. I pride myself on shopping for high end quality pieces for my budget divas. I used to be bashful about how I shopped, coming from retail, we frowned upon sale or discount shoppers. Now, I am one! I shop sale with pride, thrift with confidence and skip through my outlet stores with pure joy in my bones. It’s funny because people always ask me where I shop and they think I’m holding out when I tell them everywhere. No shade, this is what I do! 

– Now the details –


– Zara trench worn unbelted – Hanes crew neck sweatshirt – H & M chunky necklace – DIY ombre glitter nails –


– 7 For All Mankind ankle denim – Mia ankle boots – 


And my lips are drenched with my new fave purple lipstick “Lead the Way” by my old fave, Bare Minerals. I went to Walgreens yesterday for my frequent late night drugstore beauty fix and scored a lipliner by my go-to brand, Jordana for only 99¢ ! Now, the only smearing that will be going on, will be the leftover stains on my man after our NYE kiss! ** M W A H **

feels good to be back .. but with a twist. Will I be seeing you in  2  0  1  4  ?

– xo staci

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