gimme dat hurrr !

how many times do you flip through magazines and say to yourself …

 “I WANT her hair!” 

TUH! ALL OF THE TIME! I dream of Diana Ross’ locks. I woo over girls that can rock a short ‘do! I love old hollywood waves, I’m so into the Poetic Justice dookie braids but I wish I was brave enough to rock the baldie. EVERY LADY HAS DREAM HAIR ..

& this is mine.

although, my natural hair is curly, MY DREAM HAIR is all about the length. I even think outfits would look better if my hair was longer.

haha, it’s a sickness!

coco & click readers have

“dream hair” too !

special thanks to all the ladies that have submitted their photos to be a part of this project !

what’s YOURS ?

share with me on FACEBOOK!

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