Urkel Pants

a couple of quick pics before I went inside to dress a client for 106 & Park

curly hair — don’t care.

the easiest time to get dressed is when you don’t care what you wear. second easiest .. envisioning your look the night before. ding ding, we had a winner! a couple of footwork tweaks to accommodate the confused weatherman & we’re off.

“whats that a giraffe bow tie?” + Levi’s denim shirt + high-waisted AA shorts.
my favorite accessory of the day was my mom’s throwback Coach ( i know but it was poppin back in the day) book bag. I used to BEG her for it when i was little. Wanted it as my school bag but she knew better after the way I tore up my Jansport’s. Good thing she hid it from me because now I can appreciate it. I even bought a black leather JAS M.B. book bag of my own a couple of years ago. You don’t know how many compliments I get on it. I love it, just as much as my mom did hers.


wear sneakers, just in case you have to mad dash somewhere for your client. you never know so always be prepared !

who matches anymore ? oops. lol

finally on set, with everything prepped. one last flick before _________ arrived !

WATCH 106 & PARK at 6pm EST to see who ___ is !! He’s (hint hint) GOOD!

good clients always make for a great day! shout out to April in Jamaica ! #ATEAM

One Reply to “Urkel Pants”

  1. Your face in that pic right above the camo jacket shot. LOVE.

    I love the outfit, especially the floppy bow tie. cute, geeky yet feminine touch to a casual working day.

    Also camo jacket? love the fit on that!

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