The day I stopped calling them "dreams" ..

This is the day my life changed (Summer 2010). The first time I actually thought this styling thing could be possible. I was assisting a wardrobe stylist that had just finished working on a music video for Nicki Minaj. I was running all over the city, doing returns. It wasn’t glamourous at all. It was a HOT, Summer day in the city. What the heck is glamourous about hopping from train to train, running from block to block, carrying pounds of designer clothes that you never even got a chance to even try on ? No diamonds, no frills. Just me, determination, Mo & Joe. But, something about it felt so good. I felt powerful — like my dreams could become reality. And from that day on, my dreams became goals. I’m in it to win it. Just a girl from the ‘burbs of Jersey and I’m a wardrobe stylist now! Claim your dreams as goals and make your reality REAL.

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