Ladies Night Out

Lately I haven’t been going out much but, when WENDY called to ask if I wanted to hit the town .. I had to. The whole “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” process was kind of comical, since its been forever. (I’m usually dressing everyone else!) But, taking those breaks are necessary — so when you step out again, it feels that much better.

Girl’s Night Out started with dinner at  Waterside, the Tagliatelle lobster .. DELISH !

dinner and drinks on the water is always so breathtaking. 

.. after dinner .. 

.. it was time to DANCE !

[ my attempt at colorblocking popped thanks to my Top Shop blazer & F21 shorts ]

& that we did. All. Night. Long ! 

The rain was a monster but thank God for valet. The show must go on !

at the end of the night, all i was missing was a red guitar! checkmate.


Although I want to say I’m done going out until my birthday (September babyyy) these Leo’s are keeping me pretty busy. And you know once Virgo season hits, there’s no stopping us. We da best ! 

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