STYLETUBE : Lil Kim ft. Lil Cease – Crush On You (1997)

THIS VIDEO STILL GOES (dare I say it?) H.A.M. (shouldn’t have said it.) !!

The wigs. The colors. THE FUR. The notorious K.I. to the M.

If you didn’t know Lil’ Kim’s verse on this song by heart by the time you got to your seat on the back of the bus for the class field trip … your seat was automatically revoked. WHAT? And if you STILL don’t know Lil’ Kim’s verse, you should just staple your lips shut now. Your pass to speak from this point on is permanently revoked. GOOOODNIIIGHT. 

Let me help you out a little. Say it with me now …

“Aiyyo shorty, won’t you go get a bag of the lethal ?
I’ll be undressed in the bra all see through .
While you count your jewels thinkin I’ma cheat you .
The only one thing I wanna do is freak you .
Keep your stone sets, I got my own baguettes .
And I’ll be doin things that you won’t regret .
Lil Kim the Queen Bee, so you best take heed .. 
Shall I proceed? (Yes indeed!)
I’ma throw shade, if I can’t get paid .
Blow you up to your girl like the Army grenade .
You can slide on my ice like the Escapade .
And itchy-gitchy-yaya with the marmalade .
Who me? Not you, oh yes, who’s he?
I even dig yo’ man’s style, but I love yo’ profile .
Whisper in your ear and get you all shook up ..
But don’t blush, just keep this on the hush.”

I would love to know the formula that made the 90’s music industry SO DAMN GOOD! It hasnt been the same since ’99. 

4 Replies to “STYLETUBE : Lil Kim ft. Lil Cease – Crush On You (1997)”

  1. Thanks StyleMeStaci P 4 putting this viedo and lyrics up!!! U r the best!!! N u took the words right out my mouth, we need the formula for 99 so we can busS down the DOORs of DefJam Records, atlantic records, Columbia records…(NOT BAD BOY records though – cuz they don’t pay over dere! SMDh!!!) AND demand good muzik LIke back in the 90s!

    I even dig yo main style, but I LUV yo profile!! 🙂

    Luv you BOO!!! Prouda you!! Love the new BLog!!

  2. hahaha thanks!! & yes, I am so ready to sag my jeans, throw on some boxers & swoop my hair like Aaliyah so we can bus’down doors like Iced T trying to save Coco. I may have been born in the 80’s but I’ll FOREVER LOVE THE 90’s !!

    “don’t blush… just keep this on the hush!” ❤

  3. When I see this video, I’m reminded of that purple wig I wore to Katy Perry. Thanks! I just needed a purple pateen leather outfit. You think the thrift store has that?

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