DIY : distressed cut offs

Thank goodness I woke up with an outfit already in my head when I got the “Brunch?” text. With 30 minutes to get dressed and ready to walk out of the door, cut-offs were necessary. Only problem ? I didn’t want to wear any that I already had. So .. 

Do – It – Yourself .

sheer Club Monaco button up + former Joe’s jeans + strappy platforms.

1. start with old denim — thrifted or ones that are already in your closet. know the fit before you start cutting. depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, you may want to go with your “fat jeans” for boyfriends. 

2. cut your jeans to where you want them to fall. & the process is halfway over. 

3. now here’s the tricky part — distressing. I only know one way to explain this process, slice and dice your jeans from left to right with scissors. for best results, a single razor blade.

4. Add oil, paint, dirt. Taryn & her kid sis even used tye dye. limitless options. 

TIP : I cut and distressed my shorts while wearing them. Try it.
not to hurt yourself tho. I don’t do lawsuits !

next time when I’m not in a rush for amazing pancakes and OJ (it’s the simple things), I’ll do a real tutorial — video and all. 

5 Replies to “DIY : distressed cut offs”

  1. Lol at you revamping your shorts right before you left to go out! Super cute and I love how you gave the step by step tutorial. So what are we gonna DIY next, lol??

  2. I’m still jealous. 😦 i’ll try again with some other ones. I have plenty of jeans I’ve already cut.

    You guys should DIY some kind of accessory. Thanks! xoxo.

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