STYLETUBE : Change Clothes by Jay Z featuring Pharrell

what is this STYLETUBE  that I speak of ?

STYLETUBE — (n.) /stīl/t(y)o͞ob/ videos found on the web that inspire, define, scream style & fashion. Mostly music videos but not limited to. 

With that said, let’s get into our first video. 

“The song is called ‘Change Clothes,’ so what better place to change clothes than at a fashion show,” – Jay Z

Mr. Carter, you are right ! But, damn did you have to get MY (yes, MY) Naomi and Ms. Google Me, herself, Jessica White strutting down the ‘way ? I guess so. This video reminds me of the Jay Z and friends tour, ha! From Mary J and her hub, Kendu to models Omahyra Mota and Jade Cole from America’s Next Top Model, Chris Robinson did his thing on this one! 

” But y’all ni**as acting way to tough.
Throw on a suit get it tapered up, and let’s just
.. Change clothes and go .. “

until next Sunday .. *currently changing*

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