.. a gig  for FRIDAY !!

For most people, work is a job. But I learned early in life, when you find something you love, you make it your life. And if you love your work, its never a job. That little wisdom got me through a lot of times when I wanted to quit, or thought I should be a lot further in my career, or when things got overwhelming and extremely difficult, or even when I was just down right exhausted and drained. (Yes drained, for those who think being a wardrobe stylist is all glitz and glamour — we can talk. I’ve got some stories for you! But that’s a different post for a different day!!) But, I remembered the feeling of being on set. I would think of how I felt when my client felt good about their look. I would remember how I felt when I saw my first photo shoot published. Light shines.

With that said, I AM EXCITED FOR THIS ONE !!

Details coming soon .. 

What do you think ?

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