ROAD TRIP : Houston to Dallas

Something that I have always wanted to do was take a road trip with my best. And fortunately, I have another to be checked off my bucket list. Although it was only a 4 hour drive and we wound up in the same state, vibing out to OOh on the TLC Tip and college favs …

… will always remain a vivid memory of mine.

Love you, Wad! 

Only to show up and surprise our friend, Rica for her 25th birthday. I could lie and tell you she was coming down from a high from skydiving, but that ugly cry is due to her not knowing I would be in town. Her mom helped us keep the secret from her for damn near a MONTH! WOO. Glad we pulled hat one off, it was close to not happening … a few times! LOL

Hope you had a happy birthday, Rica !

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