The Grove, Houston

I know by the looks of things, seems like all I did was eat in Houston. I promise you we did so much more ! I’m telling you food in the South is worth mentioning. Deliciousness at its finest ! The Grove was no different. 

Even the drinks were bangin. At first I ordered my usual glass of Sauvignon Blanc but after I saw Jade’s Champagne Mango Cosmo, I had to try one of my own!

Anyone notice the difference between MY Champagne Mango Cosmo and Jade’s Champagne Mango Cosmo?

The Grove served me The Set Up ..! Deelish, and kickin’, if you know what I mean. 

the Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Lemon Yogurt, with a Ceasar salad instead of the Ancient Grain. SUPERB!

the Hand Rolled Fettuccine, Baby Scallops, and Summer Corn. 

let’s not forget Jade’s Mango Sorbet (that melted but she doesn’t want to admit it. its ok.)

The Grove Restaurant

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