The Breakfast Klub, Houston.

Knowing what kind of day was ahead of us, a slammin breakfast was in order! And from the moment Jade knew I was coming to H-town, she has been talking me up about this The Breakfast Klub spot. When I say we got there JUST in time, we got there JUST in time to get online, under the shade and watch the line start to form and wrap around the parking lot. 

Really? Was the food going to live up to all of the hype ??

Was standing in line, in Houston heat, for that long about to be worth it?


I order the French toast and chicken wings. Jade ordered the chicken wings and waffles. 

Can you say happy campers?

The food was amazing! The staff was incredibly hospitable. & the hype… WORTH IT!

It was the 90 degree heat that has our faces looking like that. Unplanned, might I add.


The Breakfast Klub

3711 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002-9505
(713) 528-8561

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