Diana Ross told me It's My Turn

I can’t tell a lie. The reason I initially liked Diana Ross was because of her big hair! I envied her tresses. And then I saw The Wiz and realized how cool she was with my main man, Mike J. Next, I discovered the style icon that she was. But, it wasn’t until recently that I was given the chance to fall in love with her music, her voice, .. her soul.

Lately, her music is the only tunes that speak to me. It’s the only thing I get something out of. It’s the only sound that screams at the depths of my soul and marinates from the wanna be locks of love to the bedazzled Essie on my toes. I have fallen in love with Diana Ross and I can admit that I am mildly obsessed.


“And if living for myself is what I’m guilty of, go on and sentence me. I’ll still be free.”

(via googleimages & youtube)

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