WARNING! semi rant .. Dominican salons don't "do natural"

While checking out the scoop at Coco & Creme, in my peripheral I caught a glimpse of an article about Dominican salons discriminating against natural hair clientele and immediately needed to read the article.

As a child with naturally curly (really, really curly) hair, I was groomed at the Dominican salons.  They used to sit me on stacked phone books so, what seemed like the size of canned veggies, the rollers would reach the dryer. Then they would give me a “blow out” and I would walk out feeling like the little diva my mom knew I would be.

But that all changed very quickly when I had to change salons. Naturally, I opted for another Dominican salon. Inexpensive prices and good technique. Yea … Right. Until they ALL started to tell me “Oh no, mami. You need a perm! We can’t do your hair without one.”

REALLY? After trying a few spots that were willing to do my hair, I gave up because I always walked out looking like Ricki Lake’s double from Hairspray (that was my movie– pre John Travolta’s tranny moment). Did I ASK for the flip? SMH.

So, I have been sticking to my black hair stylists. Some may charge a little more than “The Dominicans” BUT I know when I walk out my hair is silky, my roots are straight and I didn’t have to add any chemicals either! HMPH. And not for nothing, I wonder if they tell their fellow Dominicans the same. Lord knows, the texture of their hair can be very “similar” to African-Americans rocking the natural. Just sayin.

What do you think ?

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