LAUGH OF THE DAY via Jade & Rica.

JADE sent me a rant that Rica went on about how good men have it. I had to pass it on. It was too classic not to share.

” Then they wanna be mad why it took us so long to get ready. [Boy] I had to shave every hair on my body, I had to strategically place my nappy ass broken off hair (which is fried cuz you want me to work out, but you want my hair to be straight, that shit is an oxymoron), I had to put on a diaper cuz im bleeding profusely, I had to take a Midol cuz I’m in the worst pain in my life. that is bound to make me have an attitude when I see your ass. I had to put on my Spanks (cuz I gave up on working out cuz you always complaining bout my hair looking a mess), then I had to squeeze my feet in these five-inch stilettos (but then you get mad cuz im walking to slow, [boy] you gone be embarrassed if my ass fall)!!!!!! “


6 Replies to “LAUGH OF THE DAY via Jade & Rica.”

  1. Bwhahahaha this had me rollin, niggas have NO idea! This is why my ass stopped zumba….sweatin my hair out every class what NOT the move!!!

    1. GIRL. Rica is a trip! I love the way her crazy mind works. So, instead of Zumba .. what do you do? I need a workout for the heads that are chemical free.

  2. I’m gonna start copywriting my IM messages, facebook statuses, and any other media I use to empart the world with my knowledge!!!! I swear Jade is the bigges thief. My lawyer will be calling her!

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