Happy Birthday, Gizem !

My brother, Chas, and three of his friends piled in my car to cross the bridge to partake in the festivities of the FIRST BARBEQUE of the YEAR! while driving, Chas got real cool with Click. He called himself “missing the shot” cause we were asking for directions. What a clown!

But some of his “shots” did come out good. Most just took up memory on my SD card tho. Quite the comical ride into the city. Never a dull moment with us two.

“Chillin on the block” just doesn’t work when you’re on the East side.


& yes, I am quite aware of the misfit of my dress but, give me a rooftop, i have to give you a maxi.

I asked my mom purchase me this dress for $20 in the middle of December as a part of my Christmas gifts. And I am so happy I did, I LOVE THIS DRESS. Trust and believe this is only the debut! And my lazy cardigan is another end of the season purchase from H&M for $20. I’m in love. Anywho .. 

I spent most of the night catching up and laughing with old friends over burgers and beer.

how could I forget the cupcakes? I spent all weekend craving another.

Aw damn! I must confess I love, the real kind, BBQ Season. Especially when it’s on a rooftop! 

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