Lunch at Cassie’s.

CLEARLY I like to eat. But there are just some dishes I will not try just any ole where. Which includes my ever beloved, shrimp parmagiana. 

but at Cassie’s Pizzeria, I go in.

My lunch buddy was trying to convince me that Maggiano’s does a smashing good job on shrimp parm but, I wasn’t being fooled by that opinion. I just think that smaller restaurants, mainly by mom and pop shops are the go-to place for certain dishes.

I like my food to taste homemade!

and for the readers watching their figure, clearly I’m not but need to, word on the street the Blackened Shrimp Cobb salad was delish. 

I was too busy scraping the sauce of the plate with the table bread. Just fat! But soo damnn gooooood !!!

What do you think ?

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