Happy Easter, bunnies!

It was a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” as the originator of the ever-so-loved cardigan, Mr. Rogers would say. And I wanted to enjoy my Easter Sunday outside. So, when my longtime friend said he was working out at the park, I took that as my opportunity to get out of jail for free card. So, I met up with him to catch up and take some pictures. 

After watching him workout, I worked up an appetite and insisted we grab some food. Truthfully, I was really just craving a delicious mimosa. 

.. and that’s exactly what I had.

over a tasty Caesar salad & Margherita pizza.

& yes, I nibbled on his crab cakes. (sounds raunchy)

It was a perfect brunch until the sky turned gray and rained on our parade. I ended my night watching The Social Network and playing Spades with some friends. 

ps. I actually wore one of my recently thrifted belts but, none of my friends have quite figured out how to focus my camera just yet so none of the pictures were worth posting. Oh the joys of having a great camera! Awesome photos of everyone else. None of yourself. All I can do is laugh.

 Happy bunny love !

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