my week in objects, mostly.

I stumbled upon Reading My Tealeaves’s blog and was inspired by her “my weeks in objects (mostly)” posts. simply 5 things that made her week. keeps the positivity flowing. im hooked so, here’s my attempt.

1. taking Click on the road.

while trying to hone in on what the focus of my coffee book is going to be; this week, it was discovered.

2. NBA Playoffs began.

New Yawk, New Yawk!

3. treated myself to The Crab House, Edgewater. 

crab cake lump & cheddar spinach (not pictured)

St. Chateau Michelle Riesling

4. found my favorite Ray Bans!

well, actually my mother found them. after weeks of being clueless to wear the heck my damn shades were, i got an unexpected text  [yes, my mother knows how to text. please be with me, Lord] saying she found them behind the couch. I thought it was a cruel joke until I came home to find them sitting on her bed. I was too happy. Just in time for sunshine. I hope.

5. thrifted belts.

I honestly don’t know what made me more excited, finding my glasses or finding these belts. I’ll post on these later when I take better pics of the little babies that I now call my own. 

this post shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was. i love the week in objects, so that only means, i have to figure out how to post during the week. but for now, i’ll blame Wednesday, April 20th for my lack of memory this week.Bob and Uncle Jimi would be proud ;D

What do you think ?

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